I’m a young French-Canadian, self-taught artist. I was born in and traveled extensively throughout Asia as a child, which left a lasting impression on me and my work. I enjoy experimenting widely with a range of media and pushing the boundaries of painting by incorporating tactile and motile elements within my works. My recent paintings subvert popular imagery and corporate branding to illustrate a grand theme of the struggle for individualism with the modern commercial machine.

I’m interested in exploring contemporary issues through my art, creatively channeling my shifting perception of life and the events and emotions which fill it. Some common themes are the body, the machine, music, religion and pop culture. These often take form in phantasmagorical dreamscapes combining vivid color, intense detail and grand settings. They are sometimes disturbing, satirical or darkly humorous but also thought-provoking, subtly presenting alternate viewpoints to complex sociological issues I encounter.

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Diploma in Drawing & Painting from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi

Studying for the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing & Painting at Concordia University, Montreal

Art Exhibitions:

Group Exhibition: En Masse RAW Art Show at Arena, Montreal. Aug 29, 2013

Solo Exhibition: The Hyperdoodling Hallucinotorium at Gallery V, Montreal – Aug 1 – Sept 1, 2013
Solo Exhibition: The Hyperdoodling Show at Café Pi, Montreal – Apr 6 – May 6, 2013

Group Exhibition: Another F…ing Exhibition about Identities at Casa del Popolo for Art Matters Festival 2013
Group Exhibition: Art In Action: A QPIRG Concordia and FASA initiative. February 27 – March 4, 2013
Group Exhibition: Extase Art Show at Usine 106U. Feb 6 – Feb 28, 2013

Group Exhibition: Doodles & Dolls at Gallery X, Concordia, - Jan 21 – Feb 1, 2013

Group Exhibition: Celebration Art Show at Usine 106U. Dec 5 – Dec 30, 2012

Group Exhibition: Art In Action: A QPIRG Concordia and FASA initiative. Nov 11- Nov 15, 2012
Solo Exhibition: Poison Pop at Les Bobards Bar - 28 Oct - 2 Dec, 2012

Group Exhibition: Welcome to the Jungle, VAV Gallery, Concordia. Oct 14 - Oct 26, 2012

Group Exhibition at Galerie Au Mur. Sept – Oct 2012

Group Exhibition at Boutik Arts Dans Le Coin. Sept – Oct 2012

Group Exhibition: Boudoir Lounge at Karina Club. Sept 29, 2012

Group Exhibition: Neofolk at Rats 9 Gallery, Belgo Building. Sept 21 – Oct 13, 2012

Group Exhibition: Correction Art Show at Usine 106U. Sept 5 - Sept 30, 2012

Group Exhibition: Festival d’Art Erotique de Montreal at La Cenne. Aug 24 – Sept 2, 2012

Group Exhibition: Auguste Art Show at Usine 106U. Aug 2 - Aug 31, 2012

Group Exhibition: Fire with Water Art Show by SACOMSS - April 2- April 6, 2012

Group Exhibition: Art In Action: A QPIRG Concordia and FASA initiative. February 27 – March 4, 2012
Solo Exhibition: Pious Pandemonium at Gallery X, Concordia, - Feb 5 - Feb 24, 2012

Solo Exhibition: Surreality at Café Pi, Montreal - Feb 3 - Feb 29, 2012

Group Exhibition: 'Music to See: in collaboration with the McGill Chamber Orchestra'. – May 30 2011
Solo Exhibition: The Portrait Show at Alliance Francais, Karachi – May 20 – May 22, 2010


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I am interested in connecting with other artists, models, photographers and curators to collaborate with on creative projects. I also take commissions for portraits, murals, paintings, and other artworks. The works in my portfolio are also largely available for sale. Feel free to inquire as to availability and pricing. I hope you can find in my gallery of strange and colorful compositions something to enjoy.

Mobile: 1 (514) 239 0700
Email: john_lanthier@yahoo.com

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